The L.N.Sno-Pac trail drags

This company is the builder of the trail drags best adapted to all conditions whether they be wooded, narrow trails or windy fields. The XL and the XLT distinguish themselves from the competitors. Their articulated frames make it easy to move between trees without coming in contact with them. This particular feature permits the trail to be widened while keeping the tractor tracks on hard surface.

 The drag  is equipped with a compactor plate on a pivot of about 500 Kg (on the 10 feet model) its capacity to compact snow is ideal especially on trails which are heavily frequented by snowmobiles and ATVs. A densely compacted trail means at least one less weekly grooming exit.

 In the fields where it is important to keep a high trail, the L.N. SNO-Pac drag will keep the snow inside itself. This feature avoids the creation of borders which would be filled up by blowing winds. This is a very important feature especially for ATV trails.

The dimensions and the total weight of the drag were verified all along the different phases of conception to allow it to be pulled by most tractor / dozers on the market. Whether it be a farm tractor on 2 or 4 tracks, BR-160, Br-180/Husky, Br-275, Br-2000, Br-350, Lamtrac, Sno-Cat, etc. The drag comes in different versions: 8 ft, 8.5 ft, 9 ft, 9.5 ft and 10 ft large. It may also be custom made to meet your needs. And at a very competitive price.

For any information regarding our products or for a price quote just contact us and we will answer all your questions with pleasure.

L.N. Sno-Pac, the drags to keep your paths going smooth.

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L.N. Sno-Pac trail drag


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